About Us

We are commited to generate new ideas and investigating new phenomenon, exploring and analyzing the best of Pakistan human tradition of scholarship and developing the benefits of research. We are proud of our famous 23 years of history but we are aware that our future depends on our achievements of today.

The Chenab Group of Colleges is a collection of three campuses, two in Gujrat city and the other is in Wazirabad. The main campus is composed of different academic departments, major focus on commerce, IT, Law, and engineering diplomas, in future more academic departments will be commenced. All these three campus are self-governing and financially independent, but an academic affiliation with Gujranawala Board, Punjab University, and University of Gujrat. Taking current needs into consideration the fluidity of internal policies, replacement of modern technologies and collegiate equipments are evolved over time. The expansion of CGC in other cities will fulfill people’s academic expectations.


Chairman's Message

The foundations of Chenab Group of Colleges were laid with this belief to generate a civilised nation. God blesses everyone with endowments, our duty is to denude them, and help individual to realize and recognize their métier. The concerted effort of the team of Chenab Group of College is to provide a productive environment for learning.

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