• Since our establishment in 2000, we have welcomed students from schools and colleges across whole country and provided for them a challenging and fulfilling learning experience. Flexibility, breadth and depth are the hallmark of our learning pathways. We value and celebrate achievement and generosity. Our staff is dedicated to delivering an exemplary, multi-faceted and engaging curriculum. We can for the individual and understands the need to offer the broadest range of courses such as BS in computer Science, BS in information Technology and M.Sc.in information Technology. We occupy a unique position in the education community and our students have established a record of outstanding achievement in further study, career path, sporting and cultural endeavors and service to community. The college has excellent facilities at campus and commits to continued refurbishment and building in order to provide a comfortable, welcoming and modern community of learning. Our aim is to companion our learners as young adults, supporting growth in self-direction and resilience, while encouraging responsible contribution to community and nation. The forming of good friendships and the building of `school spirit ` are vital to our community. Our students recognize this and supportive. Teachers regard their students as individuals and welcome the role of providing nurture, encouragement and guidance during these significant years. Our College proclaims a powerful vision for the future of young people and has a deep understanding of our responsibility to help shape their lives. In choosing a CCIT, our students choose to belong to a community: a community of professionals and experts. Our particular focus is to encourage our students to be strengthened against coming challenges; to take responsibility for directing their learning pathway and creating their future, well prepared to make a positive contribution to a changing and challenging world.

  • MSc.IT (Annual System)

    information will be available very soon.

    Sr#Course TitleMarks
    1Discret Math & Logic Design100
    2OOP and Data Structures100
    3Introduction to Computer Technology & ACP100
    4DCN & IAP100
    5Software Engineering & Project Management100
    6Writing workshop + Business & Technical Communication100
    Sr#Course TitleMarks
    1Operating Systems & Analysis of Algorithm100
    2Database System & ACP100
    3EAD & AI100
    4Compiler Construction & TOA100


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